USB Disk Protection

USB Disk Protection 2.0

Small utility to encrypt and lock up all your sensitive data in any USB drive (See all)

USB Disk Protection conceals your important data from prying eyes by encrypting and backing them up in the removable USB storage device of your choice, using 256-bit AES encryption. To make it even harder for anybody to access them, the program will lock them up with a password.

In the case of USB Disk Protection, “installing the program” actually means “running” the program. The so-called “installation process” is nothing but a wizard-like interface that will guide you through the steps you need to back up and protect whatever files and folders you select. The program will show you all the partitions present in the devices connected to your computer via USB, as well as the free space available in each of them. Once you have decided which files and folders to protect and the partition where they will be backed up, you will be required to provide the password that will allow you to recover your data in the future. This password will become the only key to unlock your data, so you are advised not to forget it under any circumstance. To help you remember your password, you are offered to add the corresponding hint.

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